The winning enterprise relies on IT talent that achieves results through action, honor and intelligence - from the office, to the data center, to the cloud.

Find top-flight talent with proven skills and superior character.
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Winning over your industry requires recruiting and retaining elite talent with the skills, integrity, and motivation that give you an edge on the competition and a boost to your bottom line.

Our proven talent pool runs deep and possesses the rare combination of skills and character that meet your strategic objectives.

Active Intellect turns talent acquisition into a competitive advantage. Ready to win?


Finding job opportunities in a highly competitive environment requires more than a bullet-point list of places you’ve worked. You need to tell a personal story that highlights challenges you’ve overcome, your unique combination of technical skill and moral character, and a relentless drive to add value that exceeds expectations.

Active Intellect helps qualified job candidates craft stories that align skills, salary, and culture expectations with positions that promise winning outcomes.


Advanced Individual Training (AIT) is a unique, proven process that draws upon methods of instruction used in the military and best practices in talent recruitment in order to increase qualified veteran and non-veteran job candidates’ chances of job placement.

Employers know that AIT-certified talent comes equipped with the unique skills and character required for success. Ready to reach the next level?